Privacy, Policies, and Information Security

Fees, Refunds, & Cancellations

We would prefer to discuss this issue during our appointment. Our professional billing company will file your insurance claim. We can help you use your flex medical account. We request that our base fee be paid by 36 weeks with a $500 deposit at your first prenatal visit. You may make other arrangements or pay with MC/Visa or PayPal from our website.

All fees and policies regarding cancellations and refunds are clearly explained in your initial free consultation and in our Client Agreement. Please Contact Us for more information.


Normally, when you visit a web site, the site cannot remember who you are as you move from page to page. This makes it impossible to recognize you even if you went through the process of logging on. 

Fortunately, web browsers support "Cookies" which are simple small text tags that are saved in your browser. When you visit a site that needs to remember who you are, it will give your browser a cookie that it can then look at when you move to the next page. By looking at that cookie each time you visit a page, it's able to recognize you again. 

Some cookies are temporary, while others are persistent. Temporary cookies disappear when you exit your browser or shut down you computer, where persistent cookies are kept longer and are used for things like automatically logging you on. 

This site ONLY uses cookies to remember who you are so you don't have to log in each time you access a new page. We never use cookies to track your movement on the web or perform any other actions that could be considering to be spying on you. 

Collected Information

All of the information we collect from you is done at your discretion. We will never take actions to acquire information without your knowledge and consent. 

All of the information we collect from you is done so that we may provide you with the services you request. We will never attempt to collection information that does not directly affect the services we are working to provide you. 

Through the normal operation of web sites, information that includes your IP address, the site you were at before you came to our site (unless that information is blocked by your security software and hardware), what browser you are using, and your actions on our site are logged for later analysis. Such activity log data will only be used for the analysis of how services are used on our site so that we may improve those services on a regular basis. This information is analyzed at the aggregate level, and is never used to single your activity out unless requested by court order by an authorized law enforcement agency. 

We will collect identifying information from you, including your name, email address, and any other contact information you wish to provide solely so that we may contact you as needed, or so that we may present that information to others ONLY upon your explicit request and consent. 

Payment and Other Sensitive Information

We will collect appropriate payment information from you only when you choose to pay for services or products, and we will use that information only to process payments as requested by you. We will never share that information, and we will protect it with the best practices toward information security. 

All sensitive information including credit cards or other payment information, login information, your email address, or anything else that could be considered personal, sensitive information will be encrypted during transmission. When you are on a page requesting such information, you will note that we are using a secure session. Additionally, all credit card numbers or other more highly sensitive information will be encrypted during storage. This adds another level of security to your personal information.